Çarpışan Geminin Kaptanı Zilzurna Sarhoşmuş

7 Mart akşam saatlerinde meydana gelen ve Türkiye'de ilk kez DenizHaber.Com'un duyurduğu kazada, kazada Stena Feronia adlı yolcu-araç ferisi, Union Moon adlı yük gemisi ile çarpışm

Çarpışan Geminin Kaptanı Zilzurna Sarhoşmuş

7 Mart akşam saatlerinde meydana gelen ve Türkiye'de ilk kez DenizHaber.Com'un duyurduğu kazada, kazada Stena Feronia adlı yolcu-araç ferisi, Union Moon adlı yük gemisi ile çarpışmıştı.

SeaNews Turkey'de yer alan BBC News çıkışlı habere göre, Liverpool'dan gelen 21856 GRT'luk 1997 yılı yapımı Stena Feronia, Belfast Körfezi içerisindeki geçit şamandırası yakınında Belfast limanından çıkış yapmakta olan Cook Islands bayraklı 2376 GRT'luk 1985 yılı yapımı Union Moon adlı kuru yük gemisi ile karşılaşmış, Feribot ile yük gemisi kafa kafaya çarpışmıştı.

Çarpışmadan sonra feribotta bulunan 51 yolcuya can yeleklerini giymeleri komutu verilmışti. Ancak Belfast limanına kendi imkanlarıyla ulaşan gemide baş bodoslamada büyük bir hasar oluşmasına rağmen batma tehlikesinin bulunmadığı bildirilmişti. Kazadan sonra gemi kendi imkanlarıyla Belfast'a yanaşmıştı.

Kazaya karışan gemilerden Union Moon'un kaptanı 55 yaşındaki  Polonya asıllı Miroslav Pozniak, alkol sınırını aşmakla suçlanıyor.

Pozniak'ın avukatı ise mahkemede yaptığı savunmada; "Olayla ilgisi olmayan bir suçlama" şeklinde görüş bildirdi. Savunmaya göre kaptanın alkollü olmasının meydana gelen kazayla doğrudan ilgisi yok.

İngiliz medyası da kazanın neden olduğuyla ilgilenmeden gulduğu günah keçisini suçlu ilan etmiş gibi görünüyor.


Deniz Erenler
Deniz Erenler - 7 yıl Önce

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From: Deniz Erenler

Sent: Saturday, March 10

Subject: CAUGHT IN THE NET - 008/2012 (MCA : DISASTER AVOIDED !!! Yes, only this time . . but what if it was NOT. . . . who remembers 6 missing Russians of SWANLAND !! )

Good Day

Istanbul, 10.03.2012

To ParisMOU on PSC / Kind Attn. Richard Schiferli pls

To Emsa





It seems to us that PSC inspections by MCA in UK has nothing to do with SAFETY. As far as PSC inspections are concerned, what MCA indeed does

Look very much like "FAKING ORGASMS"....

The ships detained by MCA in UK are either abondoned ships, or ships going to scrapyards or small coastal ships owned by Turks (Turks meaning anything from Actual Turks to Arabs & event to Greeks/Italians/Pakis/Chinese etc.. simply OTHERS!!!)

And seldom (almost none) from shipowning interests-North of USHANT

Definitely none from BIGBOYS (Big Cruiseship Corps./Big Ferry-Roro liners/Large Container Liners/Big Tanker companies/Big Drybulk Operators..)

We will try to prove it to you, with evidence readly available in internet media, starting from the latest/fresh collision in Belfast.


01.) Following vessels came into the COLLISION at BELFAST Lough (UK) on 7 March 2012/1945hrs.

UNION MOON, imo 8416839, built 1985, Cook Islands flag, I.N.S.B. –Greece class, 2.376 dwat NORWEGIAN drycargo coaster, 6 Polish crew including the master who was arrested since being found over the alcohol limit.

STENA FERONIA, imo 9136012, built 1997, UK (yani INGILIZ bayrak) flag, Den Norske Veritas class (including all her flag certificates), 22.000gross SWEDISH roro

Please see the video from below link, where an MCA official declares: DISASTER AVIODED !!


Having seen the video from above link, please note that Belfast MCA official stating that DISASER AVOIDED, meaning LUCKLY ships didnot went down, people not killed . . So, it could have been MUCH WORSE . . But who is to blame at the first place !!! It is MCA . . . How come !!

aa) Union Moon"s latest psc inspection is by MCA in Boston/UK on 23 February 2012, ie only 13 days prior to the BELFAST collision, when MCA passed her with "ZERO DEFICIENCY" !!!

This is just another evidence that MCA does NOT care about the FLAG STATE of the vessel, or R.O./Class of the vessel, just looks who owns the boat than its either a detention or a ZERO DEFICIENCY result (Norwegians are obviosly "One of Us"..)

bb) Indeed, UNION MOON was the FIRST vessel that got detained in ParisMoU in 2012 (Terneuzen/NL on 02.01.2012) but that doesnot mean MCA can not make same substandard EU boat a ZERO DEFICIENCY SHIP oneandahalf month later !!!

cc) English controlled (TORBULK LTD Grimsby/UK) drycargo coaster SWANLAND sank in the Irish Sea on 27 November 2011, killing 6 of its 8 all Russian crew, and she was (just like UNION MOON) Cook Islands flag & INSB Greece

class and just like UNION MOON, SWANLAND passed almost 7-8 psc inspections by MCA in UK (wth such flag&class) without being detained, even if she had accidents, enginebreakdowns, need tobe towed in order to save SWANLAND from grounding (aug 2010) in way earlier times than her eventual sinking . .

dd) same operator (TORBULK LTD.Grimsby/UK) have other ships with Cook Islands flag & INSB Greece class, such as "THAMES" still passing psc inspections by MCA in UK, without being detained but with few deficiencies such as (bulkheads holed/lrit not as req./emb surv craft not prop maintained) . . so despite the sinking, MCA business goes on as usual . .

ee) but look what happens when one of the TORBULK LTD.Grimsby/UK controlled ships are being sold to THEM . . OTHERS !!! for example, EOS (ex. ARDENT).

EOS, imo 8213445, built 1983, Moldovia flag, MBS class (including all her flag certificates & ISM DOC/SMC), 1.180 dwat (now) GREEK drycargo coaster.

She probably changed hands in Emden/DE on-around 20 February 2012 from where

She sailed to Southampton/UK (probably to load a cargo to take her back to

Her new home waters in Eastern Medit.) but than she, all of a sudden was detained by MCA in Southampton/UK on 29 February 2012 (until March 6) with 27 deficiencies.

In her previous ownership, in the 21 ParisMou psc insections since January 1998 (last 14 years), she only got detained once in Ghent/BE back in 2007.

And thats it . . than the UK owners (whose ships pass countless MCA psc inspections in UK without being detained, infact until they sink..) are

selling her to OTHER interests , and than she immediately gets detained by MCA in UK . . THIS IS HOW ANOTHER "DISASTER AVOIDED", EH !!!

ff) The other ship which is in this collision, STENA FERONIA is (as name indicates a STENA LINE - SWEDISH controlled ferryboat) flying UNITED KINGDOM FLAG, and following the sinking of COSTA CONCORDIA, she is the second ferryboat (after LIVERPOOL SEAWAYS of DFDS DENMARK) that got detained,

in Gdynia/POLAND on 20 January 2012, with 20 very serious deficiencies

including "10133-BRIDGE OPERATION ; LACK OF FAMILIARITY" !!! on a ferryboat?

After that, STENA FERONIA was psc inspected again in Goteborg/SWEDEN (her famous operators'home country and found a further of 13 deficiencies but not got detained in Sweden. And than she was again psc inspected in Kiel/GERMANY on 8 February 2012 when found further 9 deficiencies but no detention !!

So STENA FERONIA in 15 days had 3 psc inspections & found total 42 (FORTYTWO) deficiencies all together . .

SUBSTANDARD (ought tobe BANNED) UK FLAG FERRY & Substandard Norwegian coaster (ought to be BANNED) passing ZERO DEFICIENCY PSC INSPECTION BY MCA UK . . . YOU BET "DISASTER AVOIDED" . .




02.) PEAK OSLO,imo 8416798, blt 1985, 2350dwt cook island flag INSB class "BELONGS TO THE SAME NORWEGIAN owner as UNION MOON".

Detained in Holland 31.5.011,

18 deficiencies in Hamburg on 24.09.2011 but than passing twice ZERO,

in Ghent/03.01.2012 &

by MCA in UK 27 February 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03.) Solveig K, imo 7723687, blt 1978, 2775dwt antigua flag GL class

German owner

Detained in rdam on 17.9.2011,

than passed 5 psc inspections wout being detained INCLUDING

Chatham/UK on 21.02.2012 by MCA

And she is presently under detention in Grenaa/DK.

04.) BBC LANGELAND, imo 8912912, blt 1998, 6400dwt antigua flag GL clas German owner

Found overloaded in Kiel Canal but not psc inspected there

Arrives Newport (Gwent)/UK on 20 February 2012 where pass a MCA psc inspection without being detained . .good job. .




As long as YOU PAY !!!!!

KATJA, imo 9235490, built 2000, Antigua flag, Germanischer Lloyd (including

All flag certificates & ISM DOC), 9.000 dwat GERMAN general cargo vessel.

NEWS: Katja owners pleaded guilty to overloading

At a hearing on Feb 8, 2012 at Southampton Magistrates Court the owners of the "Katja" pleaded guilty to the overloading of their vessel which had arrived in Liverpool laden with rock salt from the St. Lawrence Seaway, Canada in November 2010. The vessel was loaded to its marks with rock salt and sailed from Goderich to arrive at the Manchester Ship Canal on the 23rd November 2010. As the vessel entered the River Mersey, the pilot on another passing vessel noticed that the Plimsoll Line and load lines were not visible and the vessel appeared very low in the water. When the vessel arrived in the Queen Elizabeth II Dock it was inspected by MCA Port State Control Officers who found that the load line that marks the safety limit of the vessel was submerged by 39.5 cm. Katja Schiffahrtsges Gmbh of Haren, Ems, Germany, owner of the ship Katja, was fined £28015 plus costs of £5000 awarded to the MCA. In summing up the Magistrates stated: We share the Maritime and Coastguard Agencys view of the seriousness of the case, however accept that the overloading was not for gain. We have also considered the early plea of guilty and have reduced the fine of £42000 accordingly."

ParisMoU: She was indeed inspected by MCA (port state control) on 23 November 2010 at the UK port of Ellesmere when she passed without being detained, but with single deficiency As follows

03101 – Overloading : Overloaded.

Ground for detention: NO !!!

NICE Salute to the (year later) PARISMOU CIC by MCA, eh !!!


06.) Trans Pacific (imo 9283643) panamax bulker (owned by large German trading house TOEPFER Group) passing a psc inspection in Bristol 16 January 2012 without being detained/few irrelevant deficiencies and SHE IS A DEAD SHIP since her camshaft already broken. She was towed to Continent.

07.) Pacific Dawn (imo 9558464) 3.500 dwt dutch general cargo passing a psc inspection in Hull on 5 January 2012 without being detained/with few irrelevant deficiencies and SHE IS A DEAD SHIP since her engine room is flooded because of a valve problem !! She was towed to Continent.

08.) Fletum (imo 9155432) 5.000 dwt german general cargo passing a psc

Inspection in Portland UK on 13 January 2012 without being detained/with 2 deficiencies only, AND THAT IS AFTER HAVING ARRIVED THERE WITH a HOLE in her HULL & a STARBORD LIST . .

09.) Steersman (imo 9050682) 6.500 dwt english oiltanker (liberia flag)

Had engine breakdown & towed to Milford-Haven where&afterwards she wasnot even psc inspected



Ships detained in UK in January 2012 :

- Global Star, was on way to Alang India (for scrapping) in empty condition & stopped by to take bunker only . .banged/detained . . BIG DEAL !!! FIGHT AGAINST TITANS . .

- Burak N, small Turkish coaster got detained in Southampton UK . . COSTS NOTHING . .

- Pegasus, Greek handysize bulker which was already detained in the spanish port from where she is coming to Falmouth UK where MCA detained her again,

GREEKS TURKS SAME THING if spanish did nobody gonna ask us why you did it!!

And these are the ones which MCA circulates as STILL UNDER DETENION from previous months

- WESTWIND II (imo 8515635) small Turkish coaster abondoned .. SMALL SINGLE SHIP COASTER OWNERS ARE HARMLESS TO DETAIN . .

- MOST SKY, (imo 9389370) small Turkish coaster abondoned . . DETAINING TURKS/ıs good - they cant come back . . !!

- DYCKBURG, (imo 9195913) German coaster abondoned .. SO SINCE ABONDONED COULD BE DETAINED BY MCA . . YOU NEED NOT TO BE AFRAID ..

- WADESTONE, 1969 built 400 dwt bunker barge, abondoned, nobody know who owns it & nobody cares. . MCA: LETS PUT IT TO OUR LIST SO IT LOOKS CROWDED!!

- CIEN PORCENTO, 1913 (YES 1913) built, 215 dwt bunker barge, abondoned from prehistoric times . . MCA: SO VERY GOOD TO ADD TO OUR LIST SHOWING OUR HARD WORK IN EARNING OUR GOOD SALARIES . .


YES . .YOU SEE . . . M C A STANDS for SAFETY !!!!!!!


Last but not least, The Turkish ship-operators belive that the ParisMOU regime, already become a strong and efficient tool for iniquitously preventing the free trade of the Turkish tonnage. And there are supporting examples coming out, on daily basis.

This needs to be changed and we will do our best that such HYPOCRISY WILL NOT STAND.

Looking forward hearing from you,

Kind Regards


A member of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping in Istanbul/Turkey